Lighter and Smaller Walkman Cometh

W260_PRcut_4cSony Malaysia introduced a new series to its line of Sony Walkman media players. The new series boasts of new features and improved functions that deliver great sound performance together with an enhanced, rugged build.

Lighter and Smaller Walkman Cometh
Called the Sony Walkman NWZ-W260 series, it is now available at all Sony outlets nationwide and is priced at RM299. The new series includes the two-toned yellow/pink and green/blue while the solid-styled tones consist of pure white and classy black.

Being 25% lighter than its predecessor – only weighing 32g – it has an even smaller chassis build that is compactly chic yet robust in design.

Specifically targeting sports enthusiasts, and even the fashion-conscious, the W260 offers more than just looks. It also boasts improved battery life, better charging capabilities, enhanced file transferring between device and the PC, plus a more intuitive file navigation system.

While small and fancy, the W260 did not compromise on its performance, especially in terms of battery life, charge time, build toughness and, most importantly, sound processing. The reinforced water resistant and fully washable W260, at full power, can last up to approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted music playback when playing 128Kbps MP3 songs. Once the battery is flat, it only needs three minutes when set to Quick Charge Mode to gain 60 minutes of usage time.

Sony´s patented ZAPPIN song search technology had some enhanced tweaking done to it for the W260, allowing users to browse through the player’s stored music files by listening to a short audio preview of each track. This method means having no need to navigate through extensive menus or playlists to search for a song.

“The W260 series embodies style, robust function and high quality sound processing that comes at an affordable price. It is ideal for users who lead an active lifestyle. To reflect this, we have engaged ThomasJack, the multi-talented singing duo who embody fun, active and stylish personalities, to pair-up and represent the characteristics of Sony’s new energetic and fun Walkman series,” said Masaki Matsumae, Sony Malaysia Brand Activation Management Division deputy general manager.

Do check out Sony Malaysia´s website for more info on the W260 MP3 player.