An Intense Aural Experience

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Sony has introduced new range of in-ear headphones recently that feature its new Balanced Armature (BA) technology. Priced from RM1,99 (XBA-1) to RM1,399 (XBA-NC85D) with the top end models featuring additional innovative functions, they are optimised for a high performance music listening experience that Sony claimed “is like no other”.

XBA-1An Intense Aural Experience
The XBA BA In-Ear Headphones, comprising seven different models of various designs and performance levels, uses a driver that has a micro-size construction design. While the XBA driver may be measuring at a quarter of the size of a 13.5mm dynamic type, Sony claims these new inner-ear headphones can deliver a similar level of sound sensitivity. The sealed housing of the new XBA sets also enhance the sound staging as it reduces the amount of ambiance noise as well as possible sound leakages that may occur both in and out of the ear. This creates a deeper and richer sound stage, which allows for high-quality playback over a broader sound range for Sony┬┤s seven new XBAs.

“Sony created the XBA system for those who are in pursuit of greater sound quality as it offers a new holistic auditory experience. This includes the general public and not just audiophiles. Indeed, we want to reach out to consumers who seek and appreciate such innovations for their music listening activities,” said Masaki Matsumae, Deputy General Manager, Brand Activation Management, Sony Malaysia. Four of the seven XBA units that have been launched are the XBA-1, XBA-2 (RM499), XBA-3 (RM899) and XBA-4 (RM1,199) headphones, each utilising one (full range), two (full range + woofer), three (full range + woofer + tweeter), and four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer) XBA driver units respectively, producing crystal clear sound reproduction and quality across the range of frequencies. The ability to combine woofer and tweeter drivers in addition to the standard full-range driver, would also greatly appeal to music lovers seeking an even more intensely satisfying listening experience, with bass and treble frequency ranges reproduced in even higher-fidelity. This is especially noticeable in the XBA-3 and XBA-4 models. The last three in this new range are: the waterproof XBA-S65 (RM209), perfect for users who lead an active sporty lifestyle, the XBA-BT75 (RM899), which is a pretty nifty Bluetooth headset, and the highly innovative XBA-NC85D in-ear headphones with exceptional digital noise cancelling capabilities. All seven XBA in-ear headphones are now available at selected Sony outlets and authorised dealers. More information can be found here.