Gobby App Simplifies English for All!

Gobby – a nifty iPhone and Android app that helps explain the meaning of frequently used idioms in everyday speech – is now available for free on both AppStore and Android Marketplace.

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gobby-menuGobby App Simplifies English for All!
Designed to make English figures of speech – complex and colloquial – easy to understand, Gobby was conceptualised when its developers found that fluent English speakers were not familiar with most common idioms while they were travelling around Asia. The idea gained further traction when they learnt that a number of foreign graduates in London, even after studying for years at British universities, do not understand these phrases as well. Henry Playfoot, CEO of Stealth Education, and his partners, realised there was a real need for non-English speakers to grasp and understand these frequently used expressions. Together, they worked with other developers and crowd-sourcing platforms to compile a dictionary of these sayings into a complete user-friendly app. “It is essential for people who do not use English as their first language to have the handy ability to understand and properly respond to these phrases. In fact, it is more important for those who interact with native English speakers on a regular basis to have such a skill and language adeptness,” Playfoot shared. The Gobby app fills in for this apparent gap in the English language. Divided into 10 categories each chock-full of idioms and their meanings, this app explains in detail and even provides examples of how these phrases are used in proper context. There are even audio samples of each idiom, recorded in a variety of voices of local Londoners, for users to listen and learn from. Making things more interesting on the Gobby app is the feature called the Chilli-O-Meter, which rates idioms by where and how they should be used. A lower rating means the saying can be used in almost any situation while the highest scores are reserved for those that are not appropriate for formal and business environments. As for expansive-ness, the Gobby app also has an ´Add a Phrase´ option that enables users to suggest a phrase for the next add-on phrase package. In conjunction with the launch of this new app, its developer, Stealth Education, is running a ´Gobby It Up´ contest for customers in Malaysia. Starting September 19 2011 and ending on October 26 2011, Gobby users have to choose one of the 300 idioms in Gobby and use it as creatively as possible in a sentence.