First Looks: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

With tablets being the new flavour of the hour, it was no surprise that most of the PC brands have started producing their own variants of the suddenly high-in-demand device.

First Looks: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad Tablet 1.jpg100While slightly late in joining the bandwagon, Lenovo has announced in October last year that it will release a business-class tablet sometime in early 2012. Keeping to its promise, Lenovo has showcased the just-launched-to-market ThinkPad Tablet during a pre-go-to-market preview. Now locally available and priced at RM2,199, the ThinkPad Tablet only weighes at 0.75kg and uses a 10.1-inch WXGA IPS-based 16:10 display screen. Remaining true to its ICT heritage and paying homage to the original ThinkPad, the tablet is considerably tough and sturdy – thanks in part to the Corning Gorilla Glass and reinforced chassis design it uses. The ThinkPad Tablet certainly feels like a no-nonsense device. Utilising the look and feel of the original ThinkPad, this tablet exudes a cool executive feel.

This is further enhanced when using the optional Lenovo┬┤s Digitizer Pen, which allow users to draw and sketch on the ThinkPad Tablet. The tactile experience and responsiveness when using the stylus is similar to a certain over-sized tablet-phone that was launched during the Christmas season. Other features of the ThinkPad Tablet include its enhanced connectivity package, which is used to keep mobile professionals constantly connected to the Internet. Complementing that is the enhanced array of ports and connectors that is built into the ThinkPad Tablet. This includes the full-size SD-card reader (with security encryption functions), a SIM card slot, two USB ports (native USB 2.0 and micro-USB), and one mini-HDMI port. In addition, there is also a Keyboard Portfolio dock that can be paired up with the ThinkPad Tablet. Based on the original ThinkPad keyboard, with Optical TrackPoint included, this is purposely provided for those who yearn for a proper keyboard to use with the tablet.

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It goes to show that Lenovo really put some thought on what it should include when designing the best productivity package for its ThinkPad Tablet.

Having so many functions and features on a smart device usually mean a quick power burn, even if the battery is fully charged. In the case of the ThinkPad Tablet, Lenovo claims that its business tablet can operate up to eight hours, even with WiFi being enabled.

That remains to be seen but based on what the preview has shown, it is definitely a tablet that is suitable for those who want a tough, business-class type tablet to use.