First Looks: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

With tablets being the new flavour of the hour, it was no surprise that most of the PC brands have started producing their own variants of the suddenly high-in-demand device.

First Looks: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad Tablet 1.jpg100While slightly late in joining the bandwagon, Lenovo has announced in October last year that it will release a business-class tablet sometime in early 2012. Keeping to its promise, Lenovo has showcased the just-launched-to-market ThinkPad Tablet during a pre-go-to-market preview. Now locally available and priced at RM2,199, the ThinkPad Tablet only weighes at 0.75kg and uses a 10.1-inch WXGA IPS-based 16:10 display screen. Remaining true to its ICT heritage and paying homage to the original ThinkPad, the tablet is considerably tough and sturdy – thanks in part to the Corning Gorilla Glass and reinforced chassis design it uses. The ThinkPad Tablet certainly feels like a no-nonsense device. Utilising the look and feel of the original ThinkPad, this tablet exudes a cool executive feel.

This is further enhanced when using the optional Lenovo´s Digitizer Pen, which allow users to draw and sketch on the ThinkPad Tablet. The tactile experience and responsiveness when using the stylus is similar to a certain over-sized tablet-phone that was launched during the Christmas season. Other features of the ThinkPad Tablet include its enhanced connectivity package, which is used to keep mobile professionals constantly connected to the Internet. Complementing that is the enhanced array of ports and connectors that is built into the ThinkPad Tablet. This includes the full-size SD-card reader (with security encryption functions), a SIM card slot, two USB ports (native USB 2.0 and micro-USB), and one mini-HDMI port. In addition, there is also a Keyboard Portfolio dock that can be paired up with the ThinkPad Tablet. Based on the original ThinkPad keyboard, with Optical TrackPoint included, this is purposely provided for those who yearn for a proper keyboard to use with the tablet.

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It goes to show that Lenovo really put some thought on what it should include when designing the best productivity package for its ThinkPad Tablet.

Having so many functions and features on a smart device usually mean a quick power burn, even if the battery is fully charged. In the case of the ThinkPad Tablet, Lenovo claims that its business tablet can operate up to eight hours, even with WiFi being enabled.

That remains to be seen but based on what the preview has shown, it is definitely a tablet that is suitable for those who want a tough, business-class type tablet to use.

Children and cough mixtures

Dosing errors and accidental ingestions of over-the-counter paediatric cough and cold drugs for kids is dangerous.
Don’t use cough mixture to make a child sleepy
THE new advice is, don´t use over-the-counter paediatric cough and cold drugs for kids younger than the age of four. That is the message that leading makers of such drugs are putting on their product labels.
The label change comes after consulting with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has been reviewing the safety of such drugs.
However, it is important to note that the FDA did not order the label change. Drug makers did that voluntarily.
“Parents should follow, very carefully, the directions on the package and not give children multiple products at the same time,” says Janet Woodcock, MD, director of the FDA´s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Old Rules
Non-prescription paediatric cough and cold medicines are covered by rules that date back 30-40 years. Modern studies of the drugs – including clinical trials in children – are needed, a process that may take several years.
The issue isn\´t necessarily an ingredient in the drugs. It could be more to do with dosing errors. Paediatric cough and cold drugs are “safe and effective when used as directed\”. However, dosing errors and accidental ingestions are “the leading causes of rare, adverse events in young children”.
In the United States, about 7,000 children under 11 go to emergency rooms each year after taking cough and cold medicines, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Roughly two-thirds of these occurred after children drank medication unsupervised, according to the CDC.
The new labels will start showing up on store shelves this year. In January, the FDA urged parents and caregivers not to give these drugs to kids younger than two. Drug makers soon voluntarily took over-the-counter infant cough and cold drugs off the market.
Making kids sleepy
Don´t use drugs containing antihistamines to sedate or make a child sleepy. Paediatric cough and cold drug makers are voluntarily adding language to that effect to the label of products containing certain antihistamines.
The following key points are stressed to parents, caregivers, and health-care providers:
Follow the dosing recommendations exactly and use the measuring device provided.
Do not give a medicine only intended for adults to a child.
Do not use two medicines at the same time that contain the same ingredients.
Prevent unsupervised ingestions by keeping all medicines out of the reach and sight of children.
Do not use antihistamine products to make a child sleepy.
Consult a physician or health-care professional with questions.
Aged under two Last year, the FDA warned consumers not to give cold medicines to children under age two because of serious and possible life-threatening side effects. Now officials are considering limiting sales of products intended for children up to the age of six. The agency´s options range from stricter labelling and packaging requirements to banning companies from marketing products targeted for young children at all.
Joshua Sharfstein, MD, the Baltimore City Commissioner of Health, urged FDA officials to take off the market cough and cold medicines for children under six.
“Parents should know that there is less evidence than ever to support the use of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for young children,\” he said.
The agency is also considering moving children\´s cold medicines from over-the-counter status to prescription-only sales.
Lack of data on cold remedies
Most available cold remedies use combinations of different active ingredients, and most have not been well-tested in young children.
But several experts told the FDA recently said that cold medicines have shown little benefit for children\´s cold symptoms, which usually clear up on their own without medicine.
“The available data show cough and cold products to be ineffective for children with cough and cold symptoms. In the absence of evidence of efficacy, any risk associated with these drug therapies is unacceptable,\” said David Bromberg, MD, a paediatrician from Frederick, Maryland.
Natural alternatives
So what do you do for a cough? There are lots of natural remedies and old grandmother\´s recipes.
Here\´s one that involves stuff that you may find in your kitchen – honey and garlic – and some sunlight.
1. Peel a handful of garlic pips
2. Crush lightly
3. Add to a jar of honey
4. Seal the jar tightly
5. Leave by the window where it can get sunned regularly
6. Allow to stand for two weeks. This can then be kept in a refrigerator for better long-term preservation.
The dosage for both dry and productive cough is one to three teaspoons, two to three times a day. After consuming this formula, do not drink or eat to allow the \”cough syrup\” to remain in the throat area for a little longer.
Honey has a powerful demulcent (soothing) effect on the throat. Garlic, especially when \”aged\” and \”sunned\”, is activated and becomes one of Nature\´s most powerful antiseptic formulas.
Another simple treatment to break thick and stubborn mucus is warm salt water. Water is a powerful immune stimulant. Warm water makes you sweat and this too wakes up a sluggish immune system. Salt is used both to \”dilute\” and \”break\” your phlegm. That is why phlegm is somewhat salty.
Like all illnesses, parents need to be alert. Fever is a bad thing and needs to be looked into. Thick and greenish mucus indicates an infection. These symptoms demand that a doctor be consulted. Tell the doctor that you need medical support and guidance and that you only use medicine as a last result. There is an old joke that goes like this – a flu is cured in seven days. However, if you see a doctor, it will take a week.
Source : New Straits Times
By : Rajen M.
27 Apr 2010

An Intense Aural Experience

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Sony has introduced new range of in-ear headphones recently that feature its new Balanced Armature (BA) technology. Priced from RM1,99 (XBA-1) to RM1,399 (XBA-NC85D) with the top end models featuring additional innovative functions, they are optimised for a high performance music listening experience that Sony claimed “is like no other”.

XBA-1An Intense Aural Experience
The XBA BA In-Ear Headphones, comprising seven different models of various designs and performance levels, uses a driver that has a micro-size construction design. While the XBA driver may be measuring at a quarter of the size of a 13.5mm dynamic type, Sony claims these new inner-ear headphones can deliver a similar level of sound sensitivity. The sealed housing of the new XBA sets also enhance the sound staging as it reduces the amount of ambiance noise as well as possible sound leakages that may occur both in and out of the ear. This creates a deeper and richer sound stage, which allows for high-quality playback over a broader sound range for Sony´s seven new XBAs.

“Sony created the XBA system for those who are in pursuit of greater sound quality as it offers a new holistic auditory experience. This includes the general public and not just audiophiles. Indeed, we want to reach out to consumers who seek and appreciate such innovations for their music listening activities,” said Masaki Matsumae, Deputy General Manager, Brand Activation Management, Sony Malaysia. Four of the seven XBA units that have been launched are the XBA-1, XBA-2 (RM499), XBA-3 (RM899) and XBA-4 (RM1,199) headphones, each utilising one (full range), two (full range + woofer), three (full range + woofer + tweeter), and four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer) XBA driver units respectively, producing crystal clear sound reproduction and quality across the range of frequencies. The ability to combine woofer and tweeter drivers in addition to the standard full-range driver, would also greatly appeal to music lovers seeking an even more intensely satisfying listening experience, with bass and treble frequency ranges reproduced in even higher-fidelity. This is especially noticeable in the XBA-3 and XBA-4 models. The last three in this new range are: the waterproof XBA-S65 (RM209), perfect for users who lead an active sporty lifestyle, the XBA-BT75 (RM899), which is a pretty nifty Bluetooth headset, and the highly innovative XBA-NC85D in-ear headphones with exceptional digital noise cancelling capabilities. All seven XBA in-ear headphones are now available at selected Sony outlets and authorised dealers. More information can be found here.

First Looks: Apps for Samsung LED TV ES7500 / ES8000

With a dual core processor to aid multitasking, the Samsung LED TV ES7500 and ES8000 are TVs you´ll want to consider buying.

First Looks: Apps for Samsung LED TV ES7500 / ES8000

Samsung LED TV AppsOffering Full HD and 3-D support, the two new models also have Samsung´s proprietary Smart Interaction features and its Smart Content give users a fresh viewing experience. Unlike conventional TVs where users need to push the On button first, the ES7500 and ES8000 will switch on with voice commands like “Hi TV”, while other commands like “Web browser”, will allow users to access its built-in apps quickly. There are more ways to interact with the new models, via the Motion Control feature. Once it´s in its Smart Hub mode, users can start by raising a hand up. The built-in sensor will recognise that the user is initiating the Motion Control feature and pop up a cursor. Users can lead the cursor around the screen and by curling all fingers down, can “grab” a button to select it. Other gestures such as moving the hand anti-clockwise will trigger the TV to go back to the previous screen. Once users master the voice and motion controllers, there are more reasons to explore the Samsung Smart Hub. Over 1,000 apps are available for download from Samsung but the ones that come preloaded, such as Family Story, Fitness and Kids, make the ES7500 and ES8000 more exciting for the entire family. Family Story is for sharing photos and other files. Using the complementary Samsung Cloud Service, users can invite friends to join in and view the files. To share files from other devices, users need to download the Family Story app onto their devices. Some of the devices that support this service are the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Fitness is another cool app where the camera that comes built-in ES7500 and ES8000 will play its part to generate a virtual mirror on screen. The virtual mirror on the TV screen functions like the wall-to-wall mirror in a dance studio – users can quickly see if their movements are similar to the fitness trainer´s. Kids is the edutainment hub that delivers a variety of content that are both entertaining as well as informative. With the ES7500 and ES8000, there is a new service – Viki, where users can enjoy videos on demand, from popular Korean dramas to classic Hindustani movies.

Then there is Samsung AllShare Play, with which users can send pictures, movies and music from Samsung smartphones and tablets to the TV, thus enjoying the content on a bigger screen.

New iValue plan follows iPhone 5 launch

It has been a week since Maxis Bhd launched the iPhone 5, have you gotten yours? Regardless Maxis has something for everyone: The telco company announced its new iValue Simple for those who simply want to pay even lesser than the available Maxis postpaid plans.
New iValue plan follows iPhone 5 launch

iphone5How does RM50 a month sound? The new plan is optional as part of Maxis´ iPhone 5 plan package.
According to Maxis, current iValue 1 customers will automatically have their accounts converted to the rates of the iValue Simple effective in January 2013.
For those still looking to buy an iPhone 5 here are its prices (by Maxis):

16GB RRP: RM2,199
32GB RRP: RM2,499
64GB RRP: RM2,799

For more information on the iPhone 5 along with Maxis´ rates visit:

Also learn about Lenovo Thinkpad

Review: TomTom VIA 280

Out of the box, the TOMTOM VIA 280 was a cinch to setup. The illustrated “getting started” menu showed me exactly what I need to do. After starting my engine, locking in the mounting, plugging in the power cable and locating the power switch, I was immediately up and running.


TT_VIA220_MOUNT_Malaysia.jpg100Review: TomTom VIA 280
Deciding to test the unit with brute force, I didn´t immediately hook the unit up to my PC, preferring to just set the unit up there and then, in my car. Indeed, without any software updates, the VIA 280 was immediately put to the test. Starting from Bangsar, I planned a new route to USJ Subang Jaya. The large touch screen (5-inches) clearly indicated my options. After a round of fiddling with the route buttons for a minute or two minutes, I found the destination I was looking for and set off! The VIA 280 showed a 2D Map of the route it initially suggested. However, I opted for an alternative route, which the GPS recalculated pretty quickly. To put the 280 through its paces, I headed out to the main road, quickly navigating towards the NPE. Surprisingly, the directions given were accurate. It certainly helps the default English UK voice was clear and professional, and I resisted the temptation to go through all the voice options. As I sped past the Kerinchi exit, I touched the screen to reveal more of the settings. I saw a voice control feature and turned it on. On my first attempt, the unit “understood” that I wanted to view the route in 2D and swiftly altered the map to my desired settings. Very impressive!

The rest of the journey saw me spending the rest of the 5km to Subang Jaya excitedly browsing through and toggling the rest of the features of the 280. After arriving safely to my destination (home of course!), I plugged in the unit into my PC and followed the instructions to download the latest software and maps, which barely took a few minutes. With that done, I eagerly decided to go on an errand to test the unit further. Switching from English UK to Bahasa Indonesia, which didn´t quite take to the Malay dialect, I planned a route to a particular Point of Interest (POI) which I easily found – my bank. Barely 2 km away, the directions given were precise and when I deviated from the planned route, the GPS, just like much earlier, suggested a new route instantaneously. Certainly faster than some of the devices I had tried before. The next destination after: home again and once more, the navigation was seamless. It´s a nice touch that as I pulled up to my driveway the resounding voice of “Irene” the Indonesian, announced my arrival in such a cheerful manner. It amused me so much, I couldn´t help but smile. The VIA 280 also features a Bluetooth handsfree calling option, which is a major plus point for this model. Another unique feature is the Advanced Lane Guidance capability, which clearly shows which lane to take at junctions with photo realistic junction views. This function was particularly helpful at major junctions and intersections, especially with some of the more complicated highway convergences. All in all, the VIA 280 is feature packed with intuitive user guides and interfaces. It also comes with a bonus 1 year map update service, which saves you at least 15% for the first year. In addition, it comes with a latest map guarantee, which it allows you to download within 90 days of purchase.

Game Review: A Very Good Fight

It may appear dated but Wargames: European Escalation is all about fighting a real hard battle, writes Bruno Dieter Chan.

Game Review: A Very Good Fight

WEERemember those Real Time Strategy games based on real world tanks some 10 years ago? Well, they´re back – in Wargames: European Escalation. When I mean back, I really mean back. Same style combat, menu UI, graphics, sound effects and even dialogue. I was wringing my hands when I was told to review it because, despite hearing that it´s a good game, I felt the critics were just being nostalgic. Boy, was I wrong! Wargames: European Escalation is a fun game. And despite the antiquated, clunky UI, it plays very smoothly, giving just what you want in a RTS game: time to manoeuvre and plan. In the solo missions or campaign mode, you simply start with a control point and some units, with acquisition points to purchase the stock of unlocked units you have. You can earn more acquisition points by controlling certain areas with a stationary Command unit. With this, you are sent out to destroy or hold territory. The types of units available to you depend on the campaign you are playing. It starts in World War 2 and works its way into present day with player changing sides, depending on the time period. Just like in real life, each country has different weaponry for the machines of death and each handles the situation just a little differently. Tanks with high armour piercing ratings but low high explosive ratings will find it hard to flush out and kill infantry units but will have no problem dealing with other tanks. But tanks are not the only units that rule the battlefield. Players need to properly manage their air, anti-air, infantry, recon and supply to successfully win the mission. You cannot just simply hold control points and pump out tanks to die against the AI´s helicopter superiority because in the next mission, you will have to manage those surviving units. As the game progresses, the AI difficulty raises, anti-air units are placed in its reinforcement zones along with anti-tank infantry in trees and buildings, heavy tanks in open fields of cover with recon providing spotting. Securing the AI´s reinforcement zones early becomes a priority in later game missions as your army size diminishes with each passing battle. Completing missions along with additional objectives earns you stars which can help you unlock more unit types or variants in the game. This works as a kind of upgrade system for your units, using the weaker variants to hold capture rear control points as your more powerful units try to root out entrench forces. Should you get tired of the campaign, there is the option to skirmish the AI or test your wits against other players online. Graphically, Wargames: European Escalation is not that great. We can even say it looks quite dated but that matters little as you will be engrossed in the fluid gameplay. In fact, there wasn´t a dull moment in any mission as I struggled to get my tanks in striking position and my attack helicopters raided the AI reinforcement zones for command vehicles. So engrossed was I that I did not realise I was 40 minutes into the mission. If the story and voice acting matters not and the fight is what you are looking for, then Wargames: European Escalation definitely delivers in spades.

Wargames: European Escalation
Our verdict: 4/5
Documentation: 3/5
Graphics: 3/5
Replay Value:4/5
Sound: 2 1/2/5

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera hits local shores

Long gone are the days of waiting for a photo to be developed in a darkroom before taking the one and only physical copy to show others. On Nov 28, Samsung Malaysia Electronics launched the Galaxy Camera, a camera that definitely does not believe in waiting.

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera hits local shores

Picture 6.jpg100A camera with smartphone-like features, running on the Android 4.1 Jellybean, the Galaxy Camera comes with numerous shot functions, built-in Wifi, a slot for a micro-SIM card, and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram for instant-sharing just seconds after the shot gets taken. Once pictures are snapped they can also be edited on the camera´s 4.8″ HD Super Clear Touch Display and uploaded immediately via social media network apps. As it runs on Android, expect more apps to make its way to the camera expanding its usability. Calling it a ´Connected Camera´, Kwon Jae Hoon the Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia says that the Galaxy Camera will give users a way to share photos with their friends and family with just the one device, connecting people instantly. “The era of the Connected Camera begins now,” he added. Samsung´s data partner, Maxis Bhd, will be offering Malaysian consumers a free Hotlink Broadband SIM Pack for the first 5,000 cameras. Activation of the SIM with a RM30 top up will get customers 2GB of data, 25GB Loker personal cloud storage spage, and a one-year SIM validity period. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is available at all authorized Samsung retailers for RM1,899, while the Hotlink SIM offer will be available at selected Samsung retailers. The offer can also be found at Maxis Centres in KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, and Gardens Mid Valley.

Lighter and Smaller Walkman Cometh

W260_PRcut_4cSony Malaysia introduced a new series to its line of Sony Walkman media players. The new series boasts of new features and improved functions that deliver great sound performance together with an enhanced, rugged build.

Lighter and Smaller Walkman Cometh
Called the Sony Walkman NWZ-W260 series, it is now available at all Sony outlets nationwide and is priced at RM299. The new series includes the two-toned yellow/pink and green/blue while the solid-styled tones consist of pure white and classy black.

Being 25% lighter than its predecessor – only weighing 32g – it has an even smaller chassis build that is compactly chic yet robust in design.

Specifically targeting sports enthusiasts, and even the fashion-conscious, the W260 offers more than just looks. It also boasts improved battery life, better charging capabilities, enhanced file transferring between device and the PC, plus a more intuitive file navigation system.

While small and fancy, the W260 did not compromise on its performance, especially in terms of battery life, charge time, build toughness and, most importantly, sound processing. The reinforced water resistant and fully washable W260, at full power, can last up to approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted music playback when playing 128Kbps MP3 songs. Once the battery is flat, it only needs three minutes when set to Quick Charge Mode to gain 60 minutes of usage time.

Sony´s patented ZAPPIN song search technology had some enhanced tweaking done to it for the W260, allowing users to browse through the player’s stored music files by listening to a short audio preview of each track. This method means having no need to navigate through extensive menus or playlists to search for a song.

“The W260 series embodies style, robust function and high quality sound processing that comes at an affordable price. It is ideal for users who lead an active lifestyle. To reflect this, we have engaged ThomasJack, the multi-talented singing duo who embody fun, active and stylish personalities, to pair-up and represent the characteristics of Sony’s new energetic and fun Walkman series,” said Masaki Matsumae, Sony Malaysia Brand Activation Management Division deputy general manager.

Do check out Sony Malaysia´s website for more info on the W260 MP3 player.

Fujitsu introduces Japan’s water and dust proof smartphone

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications Limited will introduce The Windows Phone IS 12T. The smartphone, available after September, will feature the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system provided by Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd.

fujitsuFujitsu introduces Japan’s water and dust proof smartphone
The Windows Phone IS 12T is Japan´s first water- and dust-proof smartphone that offers smoother operability compared to conventional smartphones.

The device also boasts the highest quality camera for a smartphone with 13.2 megapixels and 32 GB of internal memory, while realising a compact size.

Users can read and edit Microsoft Office documents, as well as store and share through Windows Live SkyDrive.

It is an attractive smartphone employing the abundant applications and technology of Internet Explorer 9, the latest web browser for PCs.