Samsung Galaxy Note II is priced RM2,299

The Korean electronic company´s first Jelly Bean smartphone has finally made its way to local shores with a hefty price. But it is one worth your ringgit well spent. Samsung Galaxy Note II is priced RM2,299 Given that higher-end smartphones range around the RM2,000 price mark when first launched, we must say the Galaxy Note […]

Game Review: Graceful Tales

Namco Bandai´s Tales series has always been a storytelling platform of epic proportions. Tales of Graces f, a remake of the original port, reinforces this notion. Game Review: Graceful Tales THE 12th Mothership title from Namco Tales Studio, Tales Of Graces, has been given a new lease of life in the form of a US […]

First Looks: Logitech Mini BoomBox

Logitech – more famous for gaming gear, a wide and highly versatile range of mice, multimedia keyboards, and headsets – has launched its Mini BoomBox, which is now available at RM299, to beef up its portfolio of wireless speakers. First Looks: Logitech Mini BoomBox An opportunity to give this little boomer for a spin came […]

First Looks: Lenovo IdeaPad U300s

Since the launch of Lenovo´s IdeaPad U300s (priced at RM3,399), one of the first few Ultrabook models to be made available for the mass market, there have also been other entries for this computer category. First Looks: Lenovo IdeaPad U300s This has sparked the interest for Ultrabooks in a marketspace that still demands the best […]

Review – Norton Antivirus 2013

Need cash to pay for your Software needs? Why not play games at an online casino Australia? You stand to win cash prizes. I have a love-hate relationship with antivirus softwares. They are like a dual-edged sword: they get the job done by protecting your computer from those nasty bits of malware and viruses, yet […]

Rock star treatment at Hard Rock Pattaya

A step into Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is all it takes for LAVIINIA DHANAGUNAN to think she´s in hallowed halls. AUTHOR Neil Gaiman once said rock and roll stars have it much better than writers when they´re on tour. He probably didn´t get to stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya because its patrons are treated […]

Gobby App Simplifies English for All!

Gobby – a nifty iPhone and Android app that helps explain the meaning of frequently used idioms in everyday speech – is now available for free on both AppStore and Android Marketplace. You can play Canadian internet casino games as you take a break from your intense tech life. In fact, you can use your […]

Review: The New iPad

To get her first tablet, Bibi Nurshuhada Ramli goes to the Apple store in New York. Is the iPad worth flying halfway around the world for? Review: The New iPad When news about Apple´s latest iPad broke out, I just knew that I had to have one. I know there are other tablet brands in […]

Titanium goes cloud on social sites

When it comes to software security, keeping up with the times and constant updates is the only way to stay ahead of the game. The growing use of social sites has forced the competition to rely on cloud storage, Trend Micro Inc believes. Titanium goes cloud on social sites “Asia-Pacific is the largest region of […]

Review: Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone

There seems to be many “highly anticipated” smartphones of late as the general public wait with bated breath for the latest and greatest from the rivalling factions that race to out-perform each other.     Review: Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone From the brand that started the “i-volution” to Korean innovators and even the Chinese upstarts, […]